Vital Stats

About Vital Stats Calculations

Please understand, first and foremost, that my “Vital Stats” are approximate. I use a cheap little $20 scale from Amazon which is good enough to give me some numbers to play with, but I would by no means trust it for anything important.

To produce my Vital Stats I weight one “Perfect Spoon” of the tea, and then I weigh several “Perfect Spoons” of the tea and depending on how much of a variation I see, take the average of the several, or of the one and the several. The variations are not usually too wide, and where they are I try to re-weigh – obviously though with so many varied ingredients in these teas, the weight per Perfect Spoon will differ some, which is why I take an average.

For the servings per 50g, and the cost per 16 oz steeped, I assume 2 Perfect Spoons where the measurement calls for 1-2 Perfect Spoons, and I assume two steeps (servings) of the tea. Where I have found it possible to get more than two steeps and I use that in my calculations, I will specify that in the Vital Stats box. Unless otherwise specified, it’s two Perfect Spoons, two steeps.

For anything not measured in David’s Tea “Perfect Spoons” units will be specified.

Until next time, happy steeping!