Sunshine Chai

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A spicy and peppery treat that packs a real flavour punch!

Vital Stats*

Type: Rooibos
Caffeine: None
Cost: $7.98/50g
Density: 6.44g/Perfect Spoon
Servings/50g: ~7.8
Cost/16 oz steeped: ~$1.03

I’m doing a juice cleanse this week, so I’m supposed to stay entirely away from caffeine, and all the other good things in life. They do say ‘sneak in an herbal tea if you can, it can help with hunger cravings’ and thankfully, I have lots of herbal and caffeine free teas!

So for today, I opted to try out Sunshine Chai, which just arrived on my doorstep yesterday!

I was seeing a LOT of turmeric teas in my Instagram feed, and I thought “wow, those are probably pretty tasty, and super healthy!”, so the next time I was browsing I did a search to see what teas they had with turmeric.

There were quite a few, but this one sounded best to me –

The perfect ultra-soothing every day must-have. With cinnamon, coconut, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and vibrant turmeric – the golden spice that’s been hailed for its glow-boosting properties for centuries – this caffeine-free chai is a digestion tea your tum will love. It’s lightly spiced, sweet, creamy and deliciously invigorating after a heavy meal.

What makes it great

  • This vibrant chai is made with turmeric – the golden spice that’s been hailed as an Ayurvedic skin-saver for centuries.
  • Made with invigorating spices like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves – the perfect way to digest after a heavy meal.
  • This coconut turmeric chai is caffeine-free.

I steeped up two Perfect Spoons in 16 oz of water, twice in a row and mixed them together, as I find this is a really good way to balance out the differences between a first and second steep – and then I’m not committed to making another 32 oz like I would be if I make a four spoon brew.

The tea smells nice, and surprisingly mild given all the different spices in it. I think it’s primarily the turmeric that stands out to my nose, but it’s neck and neck with another scent I can’t really put my finger on.

The taste is a bit of a shock after such a mild smell. There is a very big hit of very big flavour, which is exactly what I love from a tea, so I’m very much digging that.

Again I’m finding turmeric to be dominant, but with something almost lemony with it. There isn’t any lemon in here, so I’m not exactly sure what that is. Then there is a big whoosh of the pepper, and then this incredible, slightly sweet aftertaste. Wow. I really, REALLY like this tea.

And there is a LOT more to this tea that what I’m tasting, that is just what stands out to me right now – the full ingredient list is –

Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Carob, Rooibos, Shredded coconut, Sweet blackberry leaves, Black peppercorn, Natural and artificial flavouring (coconut, pepper, cardamom, ginger), Cloves, Cardamom seeds, Chili peppers.

Amazingly some of those things I can’t taste at all, this time, but who knows what my taste buds will pick up next time (and there will be a next time – likely many more next times!)

Another WOW though was the scale while I was measuring it up for my vital stats and taking my pictures – this is also one of the densest teas I recall seeing recently, which is concerning for the pocketbook, but at only $7.98/50g (currently), that balances it out a little. $1.03 per cup (basically) is on the high end of the scale for sure, but not by any means the most expensive tea I have or have reviewed. While I probably could drink it all day every day, at that price it’ll probably just be a ‘couple times a week’ treat – but I will 100% be ordering more in the very near future!!

One last note – my partner said it was very good, but ‘a little strong with the cloves, I’d like it better with less cloves’ – a perfect illustration of how a cup of tea can be different things to different people, and even to the same person on different days – I can’t even really taste the cloves!!

Until next time, happy steeping!

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