Organic Zen Pearls – Review #2

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Not a bad Jasmine tea at half strength!

Vital Stats*

Type: White
Caffeine: Medium
Cost: $19.98/50g
Density: 5.29g/PS
Servings/50g: ~28
Cost/16 oz steeped: ~$0.70 (@ 1PS/3 steeps)

So if you missed my first review of this stuff, I could barely finish the pot this tea was so strong and floral. I promised I would give it another try though, and today, I finally did.

A little reminder of how it is described on this site –

Here’s a floral-scented pearl of wisdom: Hand-rolling tea is a tradition that began over 1300 years ago, when a Chinese emperor wanted to give an original gift of love. Our gift to you is this organic white tea, lightly scented with jasmine flowers and hand-rolled into delicate pearls that gently unfurl as they steep. Breathe deeply and let your mind – and pearls – expand.

This time around things went much better. I only added one Perfect Spoon of tea to 16 oz of water, and it was nowhere near as potent or as over the top flowery.

I did three minutes for the first steep, and four minutes for the second like last time. I imagine I’ll still get a 3rd steep out of it no problem.

All these photos are from the original review, sorry, so that is two Perfect Spoons of tea right there.

The inital cup was very drinkable. It brought the level of Jasmine down much closer to what I experienced with the Black Jasmine Pearls which is probably one of my top five teas right now.

The second cup was surprisingly potent still, and still quite enjoyable … until I let it cool.

Once it cooled down, just like the first time, the floral flavour went over the top. It wasn’t so strong that I almost couldn’t drink it like the first time, but it was very, very strong, and not very enjoyable to me at all.

Still though, as long as I drink it hot, I think I actually finish this bag of tea which is great – I was expecting that after doing this second review I’d have to find someone to give it away to. I just need to be careful not to let it cool to much while drinking it!

Until next time, happy steeping!

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