Organic Stormy Night

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Devilishly disappointing.

Vital Stats*

Type: Black
Caffeine: High
Cost: $9.98/50g
Density: 4.08g/Perfect Spoon
Servings/50g: ~12.25
Cost/16 oz steeped: ~$0.82

Please bear in mind, I drink all my tea black … and black, this tea is quite disappointing.

It’s not bad, it really is just disappointing.

The description on DT’s web site reads –

A devilishly delicious treat. Give yourself over to this sweet and spicy organic black tea blend with rich and comforting notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, creamy coconut and a warming hint of chili. Hotter than an inferno and smoother than silk, this energizing brew is a real piece of work – especially when you make it as a frothy tea latte.

Now, I personally read that and expect some kind of delicious, sweet, Halloween treat. What I got was black tea, with a hint of Cinnamon.

In my initial crack at it, I mixed a 3 minute steep first steep with a second 5 minute steep in one pot – which usually comes out alright.

I wanted this to be enjoyable so bad, that I completely discounted my initial experience, assumed I must have done something wrong, or measured the tea wrong, or had something wrong with my taste buds that day or something, and made it again the very next day, from scratch, this time only trying the first steep by itself to start.

And again, black tea with cinnamon.

I checked with my partner and she said basically the same. She did also say it was quite good – but I don’t let her get hyped up when I’m giving her something to try – I just give it to her, I rarely even tell her what it is … so again, I really think my biggest problem is just that I was disappointed – I was expecting something else, and when I didn’t get what I was expecting, it tainted what I was having.

I was determined to find some way to enjoy this, so I did later mix it with Pumpkin Chai 50/50, and was as disappointed with the two of them mixed as the two of them alone. I had a light bulb moment while I was drinking that though and added a splash of my oat milk, which is naturally quite sweet, and suddenly it was a whole other drink! I think that is the key to the Pumpkin Chai, and perhaps to this as well. I have no interest in getting into the habit of regularly sweetening or lightening my teas though, so my review will have to stand as-is – black, this is a drinkable, but very disappointing tea.

I had such high hopes for it that I actually ordered 150g right off the bat – so hopefully I can find some way to make it enjoyable for myself!

If you’ve had a different experience with this tea, please let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, happy steeping!

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