Maple Syrup Oolong

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So bad, like, just, wow, so bad.

Vital Stats*

Type: Oolong
Caffeine: Low
Cost: $9.98/50g
Density: 6.03g/Perfect Spoon
Servings/50g: ~8.25
Cost/16 oz steeped: ~$1.20

I’ve got a whole queue of other things I’m supposed to be writing before this review, but this tea is just so awful I had to get this one out ASAP to warn anyone thinking about buying it.

As soon as I opened the bag it was a huge hit of artificial flavouring. It smells literally almost identical to an eJuice I have made in the past. I figured – well, that eJuice was pretty good, so maybe this will be too!

Nope. O, M, G, no.

It even looks like Maple Syrup!

I used two scoops, 3 minutes, as it’s a 3-5. Initial impression was “watery pancakes.”

As it cooled the watery started to go away and the flavour seemed to become fuller. At that point it changed to “wet pancakes.”

I had a hard time finishing the cup and the pot. It was really bad.

I’m honestly not even sure if I’ll be able to finish off the tea. Thankfully being so dense, there’s probably only two 16oz steepers left in the 50g bag. I will 100% for sure need to mix it with something, and likely something strong, to be able to finish it though.

As always, please remember I do drink my tea black, and only black. This may taste quite different, and maybe even tolerable, with something to sweeten it, or some cream or milk, or making the final product 50% Bailey’s or something. Black though, I wouldn’t serve this to my worst enemy.

I actually felt a little nauseous after finishing it all off.

It’s not that I completely hate artificial flavouring or anything either – I did quite enjoy the S’mores Chai the second time I had it straight, and absolutely love to mix it with other things. It’s just this … it’s, bad.

Please do comment below if you’ve had a different experience with this tea! As I said, maybe it’s enjoyable with something added – or maybe it just doesn’t agree with my taste buds for some reason! For me though, I will 100% never be ordering this again.

Until next time, happy steeping!

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