Cranberry Dandelion Detox

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A refreshing rooibos that tastes like fresh cranberry juice!

Vital Stats*

Type: Rooibos
Caffeine: None
Cost: $9.98/50g
Density: 3.67g/Perfect Spoon
Servings/50g: ~13.5
Cost/16 oz steeped: ~$0.73

This tea smells like high quality concentrated cranberry juice, and it tastes a lot like that too. There’s a little twist of something to it, that could almost be confused for a sweetness, but I think it’s actually the little bit of natural lemon flavouring. I suppose it’s not just like fresh cranberry juice as that’s really quite tart, but this is actually very, very easy to drink.

It steeps to a beautiful red colour as pictured below.

I got this in my first order because it sounded incredible. I’m a HUGE fan of good cranberry juice, and I’ve actually had cranberry juice with dandelion in it before as well. I don’t recall that tasting too different from regular (unsweetened, concentrated) cranberry juice – and as I keep telling a friend of mine – I don’t know what dandelions taste like, so I don’t know if this tastes like dandelions!!

To me this just tastes like cranberry juice, really good cranberry juice. That makes it pretty easy to mix too – if I recall in the summer I mixed this with some lemony tea, and some berry tea too if I remember correctly. I’ll have to rediscover those mixes now so I can write about them.

No caffeine makes it perfect for any time of day or night too … and if on top of tasting great, it’s also detoxing?? Win-win!

This is 100% a staple for me, and I’m so excited to see it back in stock. I thought they were clearing it out for the end of summer at one point because it was on sale and then out of stock! I’ll be ordering some to top up my can in my next order for sure!

I didn’t get a chance to try it iced this summer, but I will next year for sure. I have no doubt it will be insanely delicious and refreshing iced.

Sorry for the terse review, that’s just all there is to this tea. It’s simple, but incredibly delicious, and if you like good cranberry juice, you will love this 100% for sure.

Until next time, happy steeping!

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