Organic Serenity Now

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An absolutely incredible evening tea, and a nightly ritual around here now.

Vital Stats*

Type: Herbal
Caffeine: None
Cost: $9.98/50g
Density: 4g/Perfect Spoon
Servings/50g: 12.5
Cost/16 oz steeped: ~$0.80

I’ve been trying to find the words to review this tea for at least a week. I still don’t have them, but I’d rather tell you about this tea poorly than not tell you about it at all while I spend who knows how long trying to figure out how to describe it.

This tea is so good it was the first one I bought in any major bulk. My first order was for 100g just to try it out, because the description on the web site made it sound pretty amazing –

Life is full of stressful surprises. But lucky for us, life is also full of tea. Relax and unwind with this soothing herbal infusion of calming lavender and rejuvenating spearmint. With serene strawberries, harmonious hibiscus and restful rosehips, it’s a one-way ticket to your happy place. Bring it on, life. We got this.

What makes it great

  • Lavender is one of our most requested ingredients because of its calming properties.
  • Need to relax? This tea is like a spa day in a cup.

I mean, how could you not order a spa day in a cup, right?

When the first 100g arrived we gave it a sniff and decided we’d try it as a before bed tea. Something with no caffeine, that says it has relaxing properties, seemed like a natural fit for a before bed tea. My partner and I both absolutely loved it, and she reported in the first couple days that she was sleeping way better at night after having some of this before bed.

Our evening Sleepytime Tea had been dethroned.

We loved it so much I ordered the limited edition printed tin pictured above with another 100g or so in it in my very next order … and we were going through it so fast, that in the order after that, I ordered another 500g of it! I don’t think I’ve ordered that much of any other tea.

I find the taste of it a little hard to describe. I suppose I’ve never had the ingredients themselves on their own before, to be able to say “it smells like lavender” or “the initial taste is the rose hips” or anything like that. What I can say, is it tastes good. Very, very good.

It has a lot of flavour, but it’s not too strong or overpowering by any means. It is a very mellow, relaxing, nice flavour. Like a big warm hug before bed.

I wish I could describe it better than that, but believe me, after at least a week of trying to put words to it every single night, this is the best I’ve got. As long as you’re not averse to any of the ingredients, there is a very good chance you will absolutely love this tea just like we do.

78% of the reviews on David’s Tea’s site are five stars – a whopping 92% are four or five stars! This is a very difficult tea to dislike.

After having it every single night for quite a few weeks, I did start to get a little bored of it and started trying to play with it and mix it. I think I tried mixing it with Sleepytime for sure, possibly St. John’s Wort as well, and likely at least one or two of my other zero caffeine David’s Teas with no luck. I thought it was just one that maybe couldn’t be mixed.

I eventually ordered some Mother’s Little Helper to try out and to be an alternative for our evenings, and pretty quickly discovered – they go incredible together!

Absolutely any way you mix them – 25/75, 50/50, 75/25, they taste amazing, and it’s a really nice way to give your taste buds a little break from having it straight every night, and do a little reset, so when you go back to having it straight, it tastes like the first time all over again.

I can’t recommend this tea enough, and the next time I order it I will use it for one of my monthly giveaways for sure, just to help introduce at least one other person to this amazing tea.

If I did ratings, I would give this tea 10 out of 5, or 7 thumbs up or something. The fact that I purchased 700+g of it in just 5 weeks should be a pretty solid testament to how much we love it around here.

If you are looking for a new evening tea, or just want to try something new, you can not go wrong with Organic Serenity Now.

Until next time, happy steeping!

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