Choco Chaga Detox + Chocolate Macaroon

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A little detox, a little kick, and a nice, balanced taste

Vital Stats* (Averaged)

Type: Black
Caffeine: Medium
Cost: $9.98/50g
Density: 6.26g/Perfect Spoon
Servings/50g: ~8
Cost/16 oz steeped: $1.26

Despite my truly heroic efforts to stay away from caffeine after kicking coffee, some of the high caffeine black teas David’s Tea has are too tempting to say no to. Chocolate Macaroon is one of those teas.

On its own, it’s quite good, I’ll do a full review of it in another post, but I find its real strength is in balancing out and taking the edge off other teas.

Organic Choco Chaga Detox, on its own, is also good, but I find it to be a little too mushroomy. Now, for the purported benefits of Chaga, it’s absolutely worth it, but why not have the best of both worlds?

The combination of the two, produces something quite special. So much so I ordered another 250+g of each in my next order following this discovery!!

Left: Chocolate Macaroon, Right: Organic Choco Chaga Detox

Combining the two, for starters, brings the caffeine level to, roughly, a much more manageable “Medium Caffeine”. It includes at least some of the benefits of the Chaga (just drink twice as much to make up the difference), but the Chocolate Macaroon takes the edge off its flavour and hides some of that overpowering mushroom that you get from having it straight.

It’s all still very bold and flavourful, and very dry – not bitter – just, not sweet. When I’m making 16 oz of this I make it 50/50 as pictured above, but when I’m making 32 oz I’ll often add some S’Mores Chai to sweeten it up a little – absolutely delish at 50/25/25 CM/CCD/SC or even CCD/CM/SC, or 33/33/33 with just three “Perfect Spoons.”

Ready to steep.

This 50/50 combo makes such a good daily drinker that it is currently my early afternoon go to, and typically my first tea of the day (after my start the day warm lemon water, and then breakfast.) They’re both 3-5 min @ 95, so I do my first steep for 3m to ensure a good second brew at 5m. I’ve tried for a 3rd before and it comes out quite watery, so I keep it to just two.

I hope this first look at one of my tea mixes inspires you to try something similar, or even exactly this! Let me know if the comments below if you come up with anything interesting, have done anything similar in the past, or what you think if you try exactly this … and until next time, happy steeping!

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