Sure, I’ll use their template and write an introduction post

Hello there and welcome to my new blog, and my first post. I’m Rob. After having an on and off relationship with coffee for most of my life, I finally punted it to the curb, hopefully for good, about two and a half years ago now.

About two months ago, after having been to David’s Tea in person just a couple times, I got an email from them saying their were shutting down the vast majority of their stores, but not to worry, they’d still be doing business via their website.

They have a website??

Two months and nearly $600 later, I figured “with all these teas I’m trying and the ways I’m mixing them, I should really start a blog or something!”

$600 later

Actually my initial thought was just to get down some of the combinations I was making, as some of them were really great, and with how many different combos I was doing, I was going to forget some for sure.

Combine that with the fact that I was reporting every tea I drank to some friends, one of whom got interested in tea with my interest – and a blog just seemed like the right fit.

Add to that the potential for free tea with affiliate links, and a blog was born!!

My goal with this blog, aside from referral bucks I can turn into free tea, is to share my experiences and opinions on the various teas I consume – especially the combination teas I make which are impossible to review elsewhere as they’re not a single product that can be reviewed!

Hopefully I can introduce my readers to something new, give them confidence or warning about something they were considering buying, or help inspire them to create some of their own concoctions with the tea they have in the cupboard. As great as the teas the experts at David’s come up with, you can still make some pretty incredible tastes by mixing and matching them in ways that probably just wouldn’t sell very well on their own, and that you maybe don’t want to have every time you open a tin, but that gives it a nice twist or variation that can make it like a whole new tea!

Until next time, happy steeping!

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